Company Profile & History

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Company Profile & History

Company Profile & History

KOREA ELECTRONIC FMG. CORP., the forerunner of LEEPACK Co., Ltd., was founded in 1967 by the first president, Jong Gak Lee.
We have introduced a new packing machine with a Chamber type vacuum packaging machine and a Rotary Fill Seal Machine for the first time in Korea, starting with the development of a high frequency sealer.

With over half a century of continuous technology development and extensive experience, LEEPACK has grown into a world-class packaging solution provider.
In addition, through active market expansion all over the world, we have established connections with more than 30 agencies on six continents and met with the world, causing exports to steadily increase.

LEEPACK produces versatile packaging equipment with the highest durability in the world. The requirements to realize this vision are being considered at every stage, from initial engineering to manufacturing. The superior durability, versatility, and scalability of LEEPACK products will give you the opportunity to realize your creative ideas to improve your productivity and marketability.


  • 1967 Establishment of Korea Electronic MFG., Corp. (Hajung-dong, Seoul)
  • 1972 Band Sealer development
  • 1975 Packaging machine with Vacuum chamber development
  • 1979 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine development
  • 1985 Factory relocation (Nae-dong, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
  • 1986 Rotary Fill Seal Machine development
  • 1990 Rotary Form Fill Seal Machine development
  • 1991 Factory relocation (Dodang-dong, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
  • 1992 Inauguration of Il hae Lee as CEO
  • 1996 Establishment of subsidiary, LEEGUN SYSTEM CO,. LTD.
  • 2002 Conversion of LEEPACK Corporation
    Rotary Vacuum Fill Seal Machine development
  • 2003 Moving the factory and headquarters (Gajwa-dong, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
  • 2005 Rotary Fill Seal Machine for Quad Seal Side Gusset Pouch development
  • 2008 Quadplex Rotary Fill Seal Machine development
  • 2013 LEEPACK Tech Center Construction
  • 2016 Construction of Plant 2
  • 2018 Duplex high-speed Rotary Fill Seal Machine