Filler / Weigher

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Filler / Weigher

Filler / Weigher

FCP (Crank driven piston filler)

This model has excellent filling volume accuracy and high durability, with a crank configuration directly connected to the main motor. It has few consumables and is easy to operate, providing high user convenience.

FSP (Servo driven piston filler)

Powered by a servo motor, the FSP series has the most advanced type of charging system with high charging accuracy. It is possible to change the one-touch charge amount through the touch screen.

FPN (Pneumatic driven piston filler)

Powered by a pneumatic valve, the FPN series is an affordable alternative to FSP for small capacity charging.

FFM (Flowmeter filler)

The FFM series, which consists of a pressure tank and a flowmeter, has excellent durability without any mechanical drive parts, with no limit on the amount of charge. Connections are minimized for fast and complete CIP.

FSR (Servo driven rotary volumetric filler)

Consisting of a servo motor and a rotary pump, the FSR series is specially designed for precisely charging liquid products containing solids. This enables stable product charging by eliminating solid break and pulsation when charging.

AW series

The AW series, in which the number of revolutions is precisely controlled by a servo motor, enables the weight of powder products to be determined precisely. It can work with rotary automatic packing machines for automatic packing systems and can also be used as a stand-alone charger.

  • Various augers designed with optimization
  • Shutter and Knocker application minimizes fallout
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of augers and hoppers
SY series

LEEPACK’s SY series is a proven granular/fine grain gauge capable of fast and precise weighing. It can be used with automatic packing machines in a modular configuration or used alone. Through various line-ups, such as the P/A/GV series, users are provided with optimal packaging solutions.

  • Apply a dedicated controller
  • High user convenience (recipe storage, real-time checking of weight values, etc.)
  • Hygienic and durable construction